Frequently Asked Questions

Are your lights 12v or 24v?
The majority of TecNiq's lighting solutions are 12v. All DOT lighting is 12v. 12/24v solutions include our scene lights (K60-SW00-1, K70-SW00-1, K90-SW00-1), Steelhead work lights (P02, P04, P06), E36 and E38. For 12/24v capabilities in Marine lighting, please contact Kevin Koyle our Technical Sales Director at
Are your lights dimmable/strobe capable?
The majority of TecNiq lighting is dimmable/strobe capable. Our efficient circuit board designs allow the use of external control modules to manipulate current flow to lights. We also offer a variety of solutions with internal flashers (K Series w/AUTOSYNC, T46 and T68 strobes). One notable exception is the E08. Only the E08-LC20-1part number is dimmable.
How many lumens do your DOT lights produce?
DOT lights are measured by candela per foot second at certain angles, not lumens. Subsequently, we don't have lumen data available on DOT solutions. TecNiq's conformance data (available upon request) certifies that our DOT solutions meet all required standards.
Do you offer hardware with your lights (screws, fasterners, etc.)?
The answer depends upon the light. DOT lighting - no. OEM's can secure lower costs on fasteners than TecNiq. K Series - yes, with exception. The K50's do not come with a screw kit. The remaining K Series lights feature a screw kit. The P02, P04, P06 all feature 316 grade SS mounting hardware. The E60, E61, E62 do not feature screw kits. For marine specific products, please contact Kevin Koyle our Technical Sales Director at