Warranty Information

Limited Warranties and Procedures

TecNiq Inc. extends a Lifetime Limited Warranty to the original purchaser that the TecNiq Inc. Lamp is free from defects in workmanship and/or materials only. TecNiq Inc. will replace any TecNiq Inc. lamp to the original consumer/purchaser if the lamp fails due to defects in workmanship and/or materials only. TecNiq Inc. products are incompatible with many chemicals and/or cleaners, and the Limited Lamp Warranty does not apply to damage associated with or caused by incompatible chemicals and/or cleaners. The Limited Lamp Warranty is not transferable and applies to only the original installation of the lamp for as long as the original consumer/purchaser owns the vehicle. To be eligible for coverage under the Lifetime Limited Warranty protection, the TecNiq Inc. product must remain intact, free from physical abuse, and have been properly installed. The Lifetime Limited Warranty does not constitute in any way a product guarantee, and TecNiq Inc. does not hereby assume any obligation of any kind whatsoever other than sending a free replacement product or issuing credit as applicable under the Lifetime Limited Warranty. TecNiq Inc. does not warrant its products as to their fitness for any special use or function.

Product Replacement Instruction

For purchasers of TecNiq products who are the original consumer, please contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer or retailer for product replacement information.

For distributors or original equipment manufacturers, product replacement or credit is subject to written terms and conditions. Additionally, for distributers and OEM’s, to be eligible for the Lifetime Limited Warranty consideration, contact TecNiq Inc. at (269) 629-4440. Replacement or credit will be issued upon notification of the defect. If required, return the product, freight pre-paid, to TecNiq Inc., 9100 E. Michigan Ave, Galesburg, MI 49053, to the attention of the Warranty Administrator. Required product returns must be received by TecNiq within 30 days of the issuance of a “Returned Goods Authorization Number” else the credit will be charged back. Any product determined by TecNiq Inc to be damaged outside of the terms of the Lifetime Limited Warranty, as applicable, will result in the charge back of the credit.