E12 : White/Red Combo Dome Light

  • Surface mounted for ease of installation - requires one 3/4" wire hole
  • Vibration resistant, low profile design
  • Reliable performance over 50,000 hours
  • Lamp output of 550 lumens
  • Excellent optic quality with impact resistant lensing
    Black –
    Ground, Red – Positive, Green – Red/White Indicator,
    White – White Door Switch Input (12V or Ground),
    Blue – Red Door Switch Input (12V or Ground)
Dust and Waterproof. IP68 Rated.
Meets all FMVSS 108 requirements.
Reliable over 50,000 hours.

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  Product Description

The All NEW TecNiq E12 White/Red Combo Dome Light is a surface mounted dome light, that offers a convenient push body design. The E12 puts out 550 lumens of light, with a vibration resistant design, excellent optic quality and and impact resistant lens. White can be connected to the white door on apparatuses, and the Blue wire will connect to the Red Door switch. Light functions can easily be toggled through even while wearing fire protectant gloves. The E12 comes with a 9" pigtail connector and operates in the 9-14V DC power range.

  Product Specifications

LEDs: 14
Lumens: 550 (high)
220 (low)
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: Nominal Current:
0.36A  White High Mode
0.07A  White Low Mode
0.09A  Red Mode
Wire: 9" Pigtail
Mounting: Surface mount using (2) #6 screws
LED Colors: White/Red Combo
Wire colors:
Red Wire12V DC Power
Black WireGround
Green WireRed/White Indicator
White WireWhite Door Switch Input (12V or Ground)
Blue WireRed Door Switch Input (12V or Ground)

  Part Numbers

Part NumberDescriptionLED – LensStdPackConnector
E12-WB0R-1White Red Combo Dome Light w/ 3P Conn   363-Pin
E12-WB0RP-1White Red Combo Dome Light w/ Pigtails   36Pigtail (9")