E20 : Orion Surface Mount Dome Light - 6"

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  • Ultra thin surface mount light
  • Easy installation with two screws hidden under lens
  • High performance - 750 Lumens
  • Moisture resistant
  • Available in bright or satin finished light body
  • Night Vision – red/white LED combination also available


LEDs: 6 + 6 red (optional)
Lumens: 750
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: 0.48A-0.59A  white
+0.32A-0.44A  red (optional)
+0.55A-0.74A  blue (optional)
Wire: 9"
Mounting: Mounts using (2) #8 or #10 flat-head screws hidden by the lens
LED Colors: White • White/Red • White/Blue

  Part Numbers

Part NumberDescriptionLED – LensStdPackConnector
E20-LA00-16" Interior Light Neutral White - Satin Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-LA03-16" Interior Light Neutral White Tri-Level Intensity - Satin Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-LA0R-16" Interior Light Neutral White/Red - Satin Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-LC00-16" Interior Light Neutral White - Chrome Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-LC0R-16" Interior Light Neutral White/Red - Chrome Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-MA00-16" Interior Light Warm White - Satin Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-MA03-16" Interior Light Warm White Tri-Level Intensity - Satin Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-MA0R-16" Interior Light Warm White/Red Combo - Satin Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-MC00-16" Interior Light Warm White - Chrome Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-WC00-16" Interior Light Cool White - Chrome Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-WC0R-16" Interior Light Cool White/Red Combo - Chrome Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")
E20-WCB0-16" Interior Light Cool White/Blue Combo - Chrome Trim Ring   5Pigtail (15")