S18 : PC/P2 Rated Marker Light

  • Great combination of sleek, smooth design that is extremely tough
  • Vertical mount position meets P2 specifications, while horizontal mount meets PC specifications.
  • Excellent UV Resistance - Automotive exterior lighting grade polycarbonate
  • TecSeal Urethane Potting - Guaranteed Circuit Board Protection
  • IP68 Rated - Dust and water proof
  • Durable impact resistant lens
  • Exceeds FMVSS 108 standards
  • Reliable life performance over 100,000 hours
  • DOT Rated
    White –
    Ground, Red/Amber – Positive
Dust and Waterproof. IP68 Rated.
Meets all FMVSS 108 requirements.
Reliable over 50,000 hours.

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  Product Description

Introducing our new LED Surface Mounted Sidemarker and Area Light - the S18. These new lights provide a combination of great design, ease of installation, and long term durability. This new product line is available in red, amber, and clear lens styles.

  Product Specifications

LEDs: 2 Red/Amber
3 White
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: 0.06A-0.08A Colored lens
0.05A-0.07A Clear Lens
0.10A-0.15A White
 9" pigtail
LED Colors: Red • Amber
Mounting: Surface-mounted with 3" hole spacing
Wire Colors:
White WireGround
Red or Amber Wire12VDC Power
Light Output:

  Part Numbers

Part NumberDescriptionLED – LensStdPackConnector
S18-0G00-1S18 Neoprene Gasket   100-
S18-AA00-1S18 Sidemarker Amber Lens Amber LED   100Pigtail
S18-AAG0-1S18 Sidemarker Amber Lens Amber LED Self Grounding   100Pigtail / Self grounded
S18-AC00-1S18 Sidemarker Clear Lens Amber LED   100Pigtail
S18-ACG0-1S18 Sidemarker Clear Lens Amber LED Self Grounding   100Pigtail / Self grounded
S18-RC00-1S18 Sidemarker Clear Lens Red LED   100Pigtail
S18-RCG0-1S18 Sidemarker Clear Lens Red LED Self Grounding   100Pigtail / Self grounded
S18-RR00-1S18 Sidemarker Red Lens Red LED   100Pigtail
S18-RRG0-1S18 Sidemarker Red Lens Red LED Self Grounding   100Pigtail / Self grounded
S18-WC00-1S18 Area Lamp Clear Lens White LED   100Pigtail
S18-WC0D-1S18 Area Lamp Clear Lens White LED W/Delphi   100Delphi