S99 : Side Marker/Clearance Light Connector

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Wire Gauge: 18 Gauge
Wire Length: 7" S99-0010-1/

5" S99-0A35-1

  Part Numbers

Part NumberDescriptionStdPackConnector
S99-0010-16" 2-Pole .156" Bullet with #6 GND Lug   -Male 2 Pole
S99-0035-1S35 2-Pole Sure-Seal w/.180" Bullet and #6 GND Lug 90 deg.   -Two Pole
S99-0A35-1S35 2-Pole Sure-Seal w/.180" Bullet and 1" #10 GND Lug   -Two Pole
S99-3600-12 Pole Connector W/Bullet Ends   -Two Pole
S99-3610-12 Pole Connector W/Bullet Ends and Grommet   -Two Pole