K60 : 6"x 4" LED Emergency Flasher

* Some part numbers for this product ship without mounting hardware. Please be sure to add mounting hardware to the PO, if needed.

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  • Powerful 6"x 4" warning lamp fits standard mounting holes
  • Lights are designed with Night Mode, by simply connecting yellow wire to 12V signal
  • Patent-pending AutoSync technology means all TecNiq flashers are synchronized without requiring a separate control box
  • Steady burn model also available for all colors
  • Sequential arrow pattern available
  • TecSeal Urethane Potting - Guaranteed Circuit Board Protection
  • Durable impact resistant lens
  • Excellent UV Resistance - Automotive exterior lighting grade polycarbonate
  • IP68 Rated for long-term dust and water-intrusion proof
  • Meets all NFPA 1901 and Triple K specifications, including upcoming regulations
    Black –
    Ground, Red – Positive, White – Pattern Selection, Yellow – Night Mode, Blue – Wig-Wag (opposite pattern phase)


LEDs: 8
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: ≈ 1.25A (average) – 2.5A (peak)
Wire: 9" pigtail
Mounting:   Surface mount using just (4) screws (included)
LED Colors: Red • Amber • Green • Blue • White
Flash Patterns
*K90 Pictured
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Wire Colors:
  AutoSync Flasher
Red Wire12V DC Power
Black WireGround
Yellow WireLow Intensity(Night Mode)
White WireFlash Pattern Change
Blue Wirewhite stripeWig-Wag wire (AutoSync)Connect to power for opposite phase

  Stop/Tail/Turn & Steady Burn Flasher
Red Wire12V DC Power
Black WireGround
Yellow WireLow Intensity(STT etc.)

  Part Numbers

Part NumberDescriptionLED – LensStdPackConnector
K60-0C40-1K60 Quad Bezel Chromed   1-
K60-1B00-1K60 Black Trim and Gasket Kit   1-
K60-1C00-1K60 Chrome Trim and Gasket Kit   1-
K60-A3S0-1K60 Steady Amber Turn Amber Lens Arrow Mask   1Pigtail
K60-AA00-1K60 AutoSync Amber Flasher Lamp Amber Lens   1Pigtail
K60-AAA0-1K60 AutoSync Amber Flasher Lamp Amber Lens Arrow Mask   1Pigtail
K60-AAS0-1K60 Steady Amber Flasher Amber Lens   1Pigtail
K60-AAT0-1K60 Steady Amber Turn Amber Lens   1Pigtail
K60-AC00-1K60 AutoSync Amber Flasher Lamp Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-ACA0-1K60 AutoSync Amber Flasher Lamp Clear Lens Arrow Mask   1Pigtail
K60-ACS0-1K60 Steady Amber Flasher Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-ACT0-1K60 Steady Amber Turn Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-BB00-1K60 AutoSync Blue Flasher Lamp Blue Lens   1Pigtail
K60-BBS0-1K60 Steady Blue Flasher Blue Lens   1Pigtail
K60-BC00-1K60 AutoSync Blue Flasher Lamp Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-BCS0-1K60 Steady Blue Flasher Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-GC00-1K60 AutoSync Green Flasher Lamp Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-GCS0-1K60 Steady Green Flasher Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-GG00-1K60 AutoSync Green Flasher Lamp Green Lens *This part number is only available in quantities over 1000.   1Pigtail
K60-GGS0-1K60 Steady Green Flasher Green Lens *This part number is only available in quantities over 1000.   1Pigtail
K60-RC00-1K60 AutoSync Red Flasher Lamp Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-RCS0-1K60 Steady Red Flasher Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-RR00-1K60 AutoSync Red Flasher Lamp Red Lens   1Pigtail
K60-RRS0-1K60 Steady Red Flasher Red Lens   1Pigtail
K60-STC0-1K60 Steady Red STT Clear Lens   1Pigtail
K60-STR0-1K60 Steady Red STT Red Lens   1Pigtail
K60-SW00-1K60 Scene Light   1Pigtail
K60-WBU0-1K60 White Backup Lamp   1Pigtail
K60-WC00-1K60 AutoSync White Flasher Lamp   1Pigtail
K60-WCS0-1K60 Steady White Flasher Clear Lens   1Pigtail